Integration and Diversity Monitor 2023

On more than 200 pages, the Vienna Integration and Diversity Monitor 2023 presents figures, data and facts on migration, integration and diversity in Vienna.

Since 2007, the City of Vienna’s integration and diversity monitoring has made the changes within Vienna’s immigration society visible.

The 6th Vienna Integration and Diversity Monitor 2023 provides insights into 8 relevant topics and areas of life: Demography and immigration law, equality and participation, education, employment and the labor market, income and social security, health, housing and living together. In addition to the integration status of the Viennese population, the monitor also shows the diversity status of Vienna’s city administration. The supplementary personnel survey also provides an insight into the development of diversity among the employees of the City of Vienna.

The results of the monitor provide a basis for the discussion on immigration, integration and diversity in Vienna

The Integration and Diversity Monitor 2023 will be presented on November 21, 2023 at an event for experts and multipliers at Vienna City Hall.

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Excerpt from original –, November 21, 2023